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Features and Benefits:


   Direct Drive Means:


  • Low Center Of Gravity
  • No Belt To Adjust
  • Less Wobble And Side Torque


  • Increased Power to Gearbox And Spider ! Longer Blade Life
  • Only Direct-Drive Trowel In The Industry
  •        Fully Enclosed Blade-Pitch Mechanism
  •        Electric Deadman Switch For Safety
  •        Heavy-Duty Gearbox Standard 



 What Direct-Drive Means to the Professional Finisher


Conventional Belt Drive: Direct - Drive:

Has a high center of gravity and an unbalanced Has a low center of gravity and balanced power transfer of power from the engine to belt to transfer which means a smoother, flatter finish gear box to with easier blades which handling. creates wobble and a loss of power.


Belt Drive COG COG diagram.pngDirect Drive COG


F30 Build Features.png


The unique enclosed spider assembly eliminates concrete build-up around gearbox and pitch control mechanism.
Electric deadman switch insures operator safety and security.

F30 Specs.JPG

F36 & 46

From Float to Finish it’s still the Master







The Unique Enclosed Spider

assembly eliminates  concrete build-up

around gearbox and pitch control assembly





Blade Attachment.png

Blade Replacement Clips

are easily removed for quick maintenance

and changing of channel mount blades






Stabilization Ring.png

Stabilizer Ring Prevents
blade flex and keeps blades
balanced for a smoother, flatter finish
Deadman Switch.png
Electric Deadman Switch
ensures operator safety and security






 f36_46 specs.JPG